The Gratitude Register


This Bird wants to highlight acts of kindness in our community and show gratitude and thanks by gifting a bunch of flowers or a handwritten card each week to a deserving person nominated by you.

This Bird, aka Tia, is very grateful for the freedom and opportunity to pursue a creative life with the support of the people around me - and so I want to pay it forward. 

Don't you just love those small acts of kindness and goodness that occur daily around us all? Whether it's receiving your morning coffee with a genuine smile, getting help with a heavy load at the hardware store or having a fellow business refer a new customer to you.

When we step back from our busy lives and take stock, there are so many daily things to be grateful for and people to be grateful to.

I love flowers because they are an amazingly beautiful act of nature. But equally amazing is the affect they have when grouped together with a thoughtful message and delivered to someone who isn't expecting it!

Nominate someone who has shown you kindness - it can be big or small, something that has made you feel grateful.

Each week, a nomination from The Gratitude Register will be selected randomly and the nominee will receive a delivery of flowers or a beautiful hand written card.


Fill out The Gratitude Register form online or instore. I am located in the Noosa Hinterland town of Pomona and therefore flower deliveries are limited to this area.